whale and dolphin watching

Dolphin and Whale Watch

The beauty of Tenerife


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The Canary Islands are world wide one of the largest areas to study and observe whales and dolphins in their natural habitiat. Here we have resident species that remain all year round. To date we have seen 26 species around the Canary Islands.

Species  most  frequently  sighted … ?

Bottlenose Dolphin (tursiop
truncatus),   Common Dolphin (delphinus delphis),    Striped  Dolphin (stenella coeruleoalba),   Spotted  Dolphin (stenella frontalis),   Short-finned Pilot  Whale (globicephalamacrorhynchus), False Orca (pseudorca crassidens)


Since 1992 we have researched along the N/W coast of Tenerife and the results have given us a greater insight and understanding of the cetaceans here.

With our foto identification from the dolphins of Los Gigantes we have now the possibility to assess which dolphins are regularly still in this area and how they cope with the tourist boats and the change of the environment here on this coast line.

This program is for volunteers, students and all other people who are interested in participating.

Observations of whales and dolphins on the N/W-coast of Tenerife with sailing cutter M/S “Katrin”. Leaving from the yacht harbour of Los Gigantes.

Daily activities: to collect  and collate information on our bottlenose dolphins, how big the groups are, fin identification, new dolphins in the groups. Observation to turtles, hammerhead sharks, fin whales, pilot whales and various types of dolphins. To evaluate the levels of pollution in the sea ie plastic bags or other rubbish. To communicate with our tourists on the boat and to give them information about the dolphins and whales.

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