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M/S Katrin

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We are very sad to announce that the M/S Katrin is no longer operating.

This year 2018, we did not receive our permission to continue working at our annual inspection.

Katrin was dismantled and no longer exists. This was an enormous shock for us and we are sure that our regular clients will be very disappointed that they will no longer be able to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere onboard the M/S Katrin.

We have acquired a newer boat the M/Y Carolin Sophie which will fit more into the regulations as set out by the government.

Our ethics have not changed and we hope that clients old and new will continue to support us in our aim to enjoy nature.

The trip to the dolphins and whales lasts 2 hours. This gives plenty of time for you to enjoy ourpopoising dolphin fascinating wildlife at its best; observing and listening without disturbing the balance of nature. Dont forget your camera! Katrin was built in 1940 to a traditional North Sea design, where she worked as a crabber. Katrin is built with oak planks on oak beams, having the traditional canoe shape stern. Including bow sprit she has a length of 15 metres and weighs 45 tonns. The same design can still be found today in the North East of England eg:- Whitby or Scarborough. The main mast would have been fitted with outriggers similar to a Seine netter and two sloop nets would scrape the sea bed for crabs and other shell fish. As on most vessels of this type, the original wheelhouse was smaller, a boiler was fitted behind the wheelhouse in order to cook the crabs prior to landing.katrin In 1983 Katrin was totally refurbished with new teak deck, masts and wheelhouse. A new Volvo Penta TMD70C engine was fitted producing 156 BHP at the prop. Giving a maximum speed of 10 Knots. Katrin was then used as a Commodores vessel in many regatta’s and also for private charter. Katrin came from North Germany to Tenerife in 1991 completing a voyage ofatlantic spotted dolphin 19 days calling at France, crossing the Bay of Biscay, then onto Portugal, Madeira and finally to Los Gigantes, Tenerife. Katrin now presents the ideal platform for observation of dolphins, whales and other sea creatures which are many and varied in Tenerife waters. Due to her stability for the North Sea, she is ideal for both still and video photography and meets with the most stringent of safety standards. Over the years Katrin has carried thousands of passengers from every part of the globe, and all walks of life - for them the dolphins created their own individual magic - an experience to be treasured for a lifetime.

The Trip

The Katrin sails from the harbour of Los Gigantes in search of bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales,fish eagle it is not unusual to encounter many other varieties of these wonderful creatures during our trip.This area, North West of Los Gigantes, contains the highest natural resource of bottlenose dolphins in the world. They are very sociable creatures and will seek-out the Katrin by following the sound of the engine. The bow wave at the front of Katrin provides an irresistable playground for dolphins, it is a wonderful experience to watch how they race and surf with the boat with such speed and precision. Our cruise continues along the magnificent cliffs of Los Gigantes rising to 700mts vertically out of the sea, here it is possible to sea our rare sea eagles porpoising bottlenosenesting in the cliffs, flying fish, turtles and herons.We travel back to the harbour passing Baranco Seco and Echo Bay, where there is always a chance to catch a glimpse of the dolphins once more. It is important, however, that you remember that dolphins and whales are free spirits of the sea and are capable of swimming over greatatlantic spotted dolphins distances, whales in particular can stay below the surface of the sea for up to 20 minutes at a time - occasionally they cannot be found! There is always another day and it is far better to see them in their natural environment. The thrill of seeing a dolphin leap out of the water unexpectedly and to hear him “blow” is far greater than seeing dolphin do the same trick everyday in captivity. We are sure that you will enjoy your trip onboard Katrin and that it is an experience that will remain with you forever.

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