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Dolphin and Whale Watch

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We are a small non-profit organisation based in Los Gigantes, Tenerife which has been involved in whale and dolphin research for many years. Operating two ships, we are able to discover the secrets of the world of the cetaceans, both locally and further afield.

We are regularly observing the whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Tourists who join us can take advantage of our excursions and experience the euphoria of such close encounters and marvel at their behaviour patterns.


By car - turning off the main road into Los Gigantes you enter a one - way system which drops down into the village heading towards the sea. You will pass some small roads to the right, which are dead ends! Continue to follow the road down until you see a big Italian Restaurant on the right hand side called TAMARA ( this road continues down into the harbour). Our office is directly beneath this restaurant. In the garden beside the restaurant we have a large publicity board for our office and the Katrin, also more publicity boards are  outside our office.

If you are lost please call one of the following mobile numbers:

(0034) 667 663837

(0034) 667 663838

For our off shore / international waters research and study cruises, we will operate with our motorvessel M/V Dolphin Explorer.

For our in shore and coastal water research and study cruises eg. N/W coast of Tenerife, we will operate with the sailing cutter M/S Katrin.

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