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3 day sea trip

Dolphin-ExplorerIn the beginning of July 2009, we have made a 3-day trip onboard the vessel M/V Dolphin Explorer, sailng from Santa Cruz, to observe whales and dolphinsDolphin Explorer auf See in their natural habitat on the west coast of Tenerife.

The journey from Santa Cruz on the North East coast of the island to the South West - the area where most cetaceans are living is not always anAchterdeck easy one. Very strong winds of up to gail force 7 are building up high waves, of up to 4 metres which can make the journey very interesting!. But for the Dolphin Explorer, difficult sea conditions are no problem, she is very safe and strong and we cruise comfortably along the coast. After 45 nautical miles, we pass the port of Los Cristianos on the starboard side. See vom AchterschiffFrom here the ferry boats are going to other Canary Islands: La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma.

N/O Kueste TeneriffaHere on the west coast we have no wind , no waves, no swell. We encounter several pods of Pilot Whales 5-6 metres long. Later we have been surrounded by groups of Bottle Nose Dolphins 3-4 metres long. They really enjoyed toruhige See an der Westkueste play under the bow where they surfed in the bow wave, racing with the ship, then behind the shippilot-whales to the stern, where they seemed to enjoy jumping high above the stern waves and diving at great speed back into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean..

The big Fin Whales up to 22 metres we have not seen on this trip, our time has not been long enough. To see them we need some more days on the ship and we decided our next trip with the M/V Dolphin Explorer will be a longer one and then we hope to seeim Hafen Santa Cruz more. This time it was for us only a “dip in the ocean”

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Cruising holiday

Cruising between the Canary Islands on a small ship is truely a unique experience. The islands enjoy warm, even temperatures all year round, offering the european holidaymaker an opportunity to explore paradise; indeed the islands have something special for everyone. And all this is possible with only a 4 hour flight from home. The island of Tenerife is probably one of the most popular of the islands, and is known as the “Island of the eternal spring”. Cruises connected with trekking are becomming increasingly popular. In this way, our ship M/V “Dolphin Explorer” can be the transporter from one island to another, acting as a hotel. This idea creates a wonderful combination; exploration of islands on land with relaxing time afloat in between.

Of course the M/V “Dolphin Explorer” is not a “cruise liner” - but she offers much more, that is not possible for the larger vessels. We are able to enter small interesting harbours, or to anchor in tranquil bays for swimming, snorkeling or enjoying a BBQ beach party. You must experience onboard the ship in the early morning, when it is totally quiet, the air still and full of humidity - the sight of the sun climbing up slowly over the horizon - it is truely unforgettable. We specialise in small groups of passengers which allows you - the passenger - to create your own type of cruise. We can cater to all requirements, ensuring excellent value for money.

Cclick here for a bigger foto!

The M/V “Dolphin Explorer” can be rented exclusively for you and your friends, for groups, or for special occassions. The route and choice of islands to be visited can be of your choosing, as also can be the port of departure and arrival.

An example of an 8 day cruise

Departing early morning from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, we sail to the island of La Palma. Breakfast is served en-route. There will be plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the ship and make friends on board. The following day you can explore the beautiful capital of La Palma and buy souveniers. Day 3 we travel to the port San Sebastian on the island La Gomera, from where Christoph Columbus started his voyage of discovery in 1492. Day 4 here you can explore the green valleys and forests which are unique to La Gomera. Day 5 departing La Gomera we sail directly to the spectacular cliffs of Los Gigantes on Tenerife. If sea conditions are good we can stay there a night on anchor. Day 6 our next harbour will be Los Cristianos, here we will go ashore any try to catch some night life. Day 7 is the return sailing back to Santa Cruz (time to relax and sun bathe).

The sailing route could also be to other Islands i.e.: El Hierro - Gran Canaria - Fuerteventura - Lanzarote. Or what do you think about a cruise from Tenerife - Madeira - Porto Santo - Islas Salvajes - Tenerife ?

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